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Ruby's Top Tips for DIY Filmmaking
Fancy making your own film? Don't know where to start? Ruby gives you tips an hints of how to get started and where else you can go for information. Click here to read her report.

Naked Gun Film Review by James
Naked Gun is a hilarious comedy made in 1988 and produced by Robert Kweiss directed by David Zucker and written by Jeny Zucker, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Pat Proft staring Leslie  nelson, O.J Simpson, Pricilla Presley and George Kennedy to name but a few the film is about a aged cop who loves three things his country, women and shooting bad guys. He is put in charge of security for Queen Elizabeth’s American visit when he uncovers a plot to assassinate the queen. Bullets, bodies, a stuffed beaver and the beautiful Jane (Presley) are just some of the things our hero (Neilson) must overcome to save the queen.

Enchanted Film Review by Annie
Enchanted more than lives up to its title. A musical that begins as a Disney animation set in the perfect magical land Andalasia, cleverly and seamlessly transforms into the "real" world.  When Giselle the leading lady is pushed down a well by the wicked Queen Narissa and consequently emerges from a drain in the centre of Times Square New York.  Narissa is reluctant in being dethroned, if Edward the prince marries, so she sends Giselle to a place “where there are no happily ever afters”.  Giselle is ignored by the New Yorkers she encounters, apart from one the divorce lawyer Robert and his daughter Morgan; they rescue the damsel in distress. Giselle waits for her prince to rescue her, but in the meantime is stuck in the hustle and bustle of New York and an adventure unravels. But if the evil Queen Narissa has anything to do with it Giselle will never be found by her prince, she attempts to poison her with an apple, a familiar ploy used in Snow White.  And when prince Edward eventually enters New York he is followed by Giselle’s pet chipmunk, who adds extra excitement to the adventure. Giselle adapts to New York well but to Roberts disgust has to make her clothes from material she can find, unfortunately this happens to be the curtains. There is also one particularly magnificent musical number that takes place in central park, which is truly magical and got me totally enchanted. The end of the film brings an amazing twist to the story and it is not the happy ever after you would expect but it is intelligent and heartwarming. Enchanted is a film aimed at everyone it has adventure, comedy, drama, romance and best of all it is the perfect fairytale. This film will have fairytale princesses and princes enchanted everywhere. If you love a good Disney film this film is definitely for you. I give Enchanted my full mediafish approval; a five star film that everyone must see and that deservedly should become a Disney classic.

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